Trail Obstacles


Trail Obstacle Clinics

Crossroads Ranch Trail Obstacle Clinics are designed to equip trail competitors with the skills necessary to win the big shows as well as help the trail enthusiast understand how to help their horse navigate all things unfamiliar on the trails.

In this trail obstacle clinic, riders will learn how to please the judge in three specific areas:

  1. Approaching the Obstacle
  2. Execution of the obstacle
  3. Departing the obstacle

Horseback riders will gain knowledge and experience in leg yields, lead departures and cadence – all of which when perfected will mean trail obstacle success. Some of the obstacles horse and rider will learn to navigate are the bridge, teeter totter, tarp, water crossing, roping, riding patterns, pinwheel, ground poles, noodles, cowboy car wash, archery, soccer ball and much more. Riders and horses will leave with a sense of accomplishment and understanding of how to handle even the toughest obstacles.

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