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Horseback Riding Lessons for Adults

Crossroads Ranch offers lessons both for new and inexperienced riders ages 16 and above, as well as refined riding and horsemanship training for experienced horse owners.

We truly have something for everyone at Crossroads Ranch, and work with teens and adults of all skill levels to learn the joy of riding or improve their skills as owners to manage and train the horses in their care.

Lessons For Non-Horse Owners

Horseback riding lessons for new and experienced riders, taught using Crossroads Ranch lessons horses. 

Have you always wanted to try riding but feel intimidated to learn? Maybe you have tried before but have been unsatisfied by the traditional lessons practice of paying to learn how to steer a really old, tired horse around in a circle? Have you looked into a horse’s intelligent eyes and known deep down there was more to riding than just strapping on a big saddle? Or maybe you’ve been riding off and on for years but have never known how to really train a horse or how to improve your communication with one?

Then Crossroads adult horseback riding lessons are for you.

Get started and try an introductory lesson for $60!
Call (615) 818-7101 to learn more about adult horse riding lessons at Crossroads Ranch.

Lesson For Horse-Owners

Training for experienced owners interested in advanced concepts or fixing specific problem areas with their own horses.

Are you looking to improve performance on the trail or in competition with your horse? Learn how to better train and work with your horses on your own? Or maybe you're struggling with behavioral challenges in your horse like:

  • bucking & rearing
  • spooking
  • biting
  • kicking
  • striking
  • bolting
  • dominance
  • trailer loading & unloading

Even the most experienced owner knows there's always room for improvement. Take your skills to the next level with our T.R.U.E. Success program and experience riding and horse ownership like you never have before!

Childhood Dream Come True!

I always wanted to learn how to properly ride a horse since I was a little girl. After a vacation when I went trail riding, I decided to look for lessons. I wanted private adult lessons. I came across the Crossroads website and it was perfect. I signed up and took lessons with Josh. He teaches everything there is about horses, not just riding. All about tack, horse care, safety, grooming, riding, terminology, everything!! I am 58 years old, and started with Josh 2 years ago in Nolensville. Since then I have acquired 3 horses; 2 riding horses and an old gelding that stole my heart and I wanted to offer him the best retirement he could have. All 3 are now at Crossroads Equestrian Facility and we all couldn’t be happier. I am back to taking lessons with my horses and absolutely love it. Childhood dream come true!


Your Path to Success Starts at Crossroads

Path of the Horseman

12 objectives: $60 per session hour

Note: Path of the Horseman is based on mastery of 12 objectives. The number of lessons required to accomplish will depend on the individual rider.

Our curriculum based lesson plan begins with Path of the Horseman. This 12 objective lesson program is designed to take the average horse lover beyond riding lessons and into the psyche of the horse. It offers a hands on experience of what it feels like to start a colt from ground to saddle and produce a confident and willing partner:

  • safety & hygiene - maneuvering around your horse, brushing & properly picking hooves
  • reading your horse's behavior
  • protecting personal space
  • desensitizing your horse
  • using driving pressure
  • using physical pressure
  • front end & hind end control
  • ground work: sending & body positioning
  • ground work: sending with obstacles
  • bareback riding concepts & skills
  • riding bareback - turns and stops
  • tacking up - mounts & dismounts
  • directional control & maneuvering
  • trail & arena riding
  • refined riding

Path of the Horsemaster

12 objectives: $60 per session hour

Note: Path of the Horsemaster is based on mastery of 12 objectives. The number of lessons required to accomplish will depend on the individual rider.

For riders who have completed Path of the Horseman there is an additional program available to help hone your riding, training and communication skills. The Path of the Horsemaster adds a level of refinement to your training schedule that fits your ultimate goals with your horses. This course takes you beyond the fundamentals and into the dream of true connection. Riders learn advanced skills such as offline ground training, bridleless riding, tricks and behavioral modification.

Path of the Scholar

Select 6 courses from 16 offered: $60 per session hour 

We offer additional (but not required) classes for those riders who desire to learn even more about horses and how to take care, train and have an intuitive relationship with them. Riders like this are encouraged to take the Path of the Scholar. There are 16 courses offered and participants choose at least 6 to get started. This is a classroom based program that focuses on equine science, anatomy, first-aid, horse psychology, buying a horse and more.

Maintenance Sessions

4 sessions: $60 per session hour

Crossroads also offers maintenance sessions to help riders stay at the peak of horsemanship. These lessons are based on the continuing education of your own horse interests from barrel racing to roping.


Your path to better horsemanship awaits!
Call Crossroads Ranch to today at (615) 818-7101 to get started!

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