Youth Horse Riding Lessons



We are currently booking at capacity but they can get in on cancellations until a recurring schedule opens up. Join us on our Facebook group page called “Crossroads Ranch Wait List”. Our instructors post their openings there each week. Just comment below their post with interest.


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Horseback Riding Lessons for Youth

For new and intermediate riders, using Crossroads Ranch lessons horses.

Our youth lessons are for kids ages 8 to 11. In addition to teaching basic riding skills and horse safety, our youth students are taught the ABC’s of equine science, groundwork, and behavioral modification with a western emphasis on reining and trail work.

Youth horse lessons are $55 per session hour.

These lessons are unlike any in the state and will not only leave your young rider feeling confident, accomplished and safer each time they ride but you will also see an improvement in self-esteem and self-assurance across the board. Putting a child in the position to control his own destiny is one of the best ways to help him grow.

Using the same concepts taught in our Path of the Horseman curriculum, The Tenderfoot course covers a wide range of challenging horsemanship basics for youth riders including ground work training exercises, horse riding and control techniques, proper equine care, tack equipment and more. Our trained and experienced youth instructors word hard to make each lesson informative, fun and exciting for your child. The Tenderfoot course is a great way to introduce a new rider to the joy of horses, or give an experienced rider the skills for refined horsemanship techniques and control.


Let Crossroads youth lessons be a part of your child’s personal development.
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